HTC F/W 2012 X DEPRESSION S/S 2013 Launch Event (Video)

Last week, HTC treated us to a fashion show and a look at the “behind the scene” of a fashion show. Of course, the ultimate aim was to let us see their latest smartphones. They are HTC Windows Phone 8X, HTC Windows Phone 8S, HTC ONE X+ and HTC ONE SV. There is one with dual SIM card that (I believe) is not for Singapore market, the HTC Desire SV. This post will be more pictures of the fashion show than smartphones, FYI.

The event was held at ION Sky Salt Bar and Grill. Here is the walkway “littered” with Windows Phones.

Before the fashion show started, we at a look at the “behind-the-scene” a fashion show. Of course, they are staged. As mentioned, HTC is focused on letting us know their phones and during the visit, we had a chance to play with those phones from the models and also have pictures taken by these phones and printed out on the spot.

Here is the backdrop where attendees (local and regional media/bloggers) can have their pictures taken.

Some of the accessories for the DEPRESSION fashion show later.

Part of the collection for the fashion show later.

Can you do a 99 poses continuously?

A pin board not showing the models with the outfit but with the features of HTC smartphones.

And a nice cosy corner with you can listen or test out the Beats Audio.

One of the phones on display, HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Here is a mini runway.

Models holding onto HTC phones while waiting.

The models with HTC smartphones.

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Mingling with the models and the phones.

One of my favorite shot.

The models helping to take pictures of the media.

The media enjoying the limelight.

Group shots.

When the fashion show was about to begin, we were ushered to the next part of the area. Over there, we continue to play with those devices as there are HTC people around to show us those smartphones.

Finally, the show began with Bobby Tonelli as the host.

Let me jump the sequence a little. I know this is a technology blog. So, let me jump to the later part of the program on the smartphone unveiling.

On stage is Lennard Hoornik, President, South Asia, HTC Corporation presenting to us HTC latest innovations.

These are the Windows Phones (below). He is describing to us the design concept of the phone plus some of the specs that make these phone the leader in the market. I must admit the front 2.1 MPX wide angle camera on the Windows Phone 8X is really interesting, especially, it can take HD video.

This is the Windows Phone 8S.

Unveiling the HTC ONE SV and the HTC Desire SV. BTW, he is waiting for the smoke effect.

The moment.

Introducing the SV series.

I must say that HTC recent smartphones have very striking colors.

For those who are still around 🙂 , let get on to the fashion part.

Here are the DEPRESSION collection. Enjoy. BTW, the collection has really interesting footwear. The models had to get pass the crowd to reach the stage.

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To end my post, here is a video of the fashion part.

I will be writing another post on Windows Phone 8X and 8S as I had the chance to get up close and personal in another Microsoft HTC event. Stay tuned.

Thanks to HTC for the interesting invite.