Microsoft Surface Ready for Pre-Order Today

Wow, received a mail saying that Microsoft Surface will be available for Pre-Order at 9am PST (1am in Singapore). BTW, I am receiving that mail because I subscribed to their mailing list. As for pricing, this might be the pricing (in USD) of Microsoft Surface, thanks to TechCrunch for capturing a screenshot of it (before it disappear).

Someone from Microsoft have accidentally made the pricing live. Anyway, it will be a short wait.

Check out the Pre-Order Page

Based on the information,

  • 64GB with Touch Cover: USD699
  • 32GB with Touch Cover: USD599
  • 32GB without Touch Cover: USD499
  • Surface Touch Cover: USD119.99
  • Surface Type Cover: USD129.99

For your information, the Touch Cover is the one that is 3mm thin. The Type Cover is a few mm thick.

Here is a video about the Microsoft Surface Design


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