Microsoft Wearable Digits Prototype Provides Freehand 3D Interaction (Video)

Digits is a wrist-worn gloveless sensor developed by Microsoft Research. It enables 3D computer interaction easily. The wrist sensor is able to mimic the finger movement in real time. Check out the video.

In usual models, the user will usually need a glove to emulate the finger movement. However, Microsoft Research team has managed to make it into a gloveless type (Wrist Worn Sensor) using hardware that can be easily obtained.

At the moment, the Digits prototype is built entirely from off-the-shelf hardware and is rather bulky: An infrared (IR) camera, an IR laser line generator, an IR diffuse illuminator, and an inertial-measurement unit (IMU) all track hand movements.

Here is the video.

Click Here to Microsoft Research UIST Site


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