StarHub Announced New Fibre Broadband MaxInfinity LVL99 Plans for Gamers

StarHub announced new fibre broadband plans for gamers. It is called “MaxInfinity LVL99”. StarHub will partner with Asiasoft and Garena and users will enjoy special benefits with this subscription. More information after the break.

StarHub blazes ahead with new fibre broadband plans for gamers

– New MaxInfinity LVL99 plans to offer Asiasoft and Garena in-game benefits
– Priority connection to more than 20 popular online games from five major game publishers

Singapore, 5 October 2012 – StarHub today announced that it will offer all gamers in Singapore a truly-competitive edge in the online gaming arena with the launch of StarHub’s new gamer-centric fibre broadband plans under the ‘MaxInfinity LVL99’ brand.

“StarHub has constantly led the market in bringing compelling services to cater to the ever-changing needs of our large and diverse customer base. We recognise that gamers on our network now need more than just a high-speed, low-latency broadband connection. They desire a holistic gaming experience with StarHub,” said Ms Iris Wee, Vice President of Home Solutions & Content, StarHub. “We are excited to support our gamers in their virtual quests and adventures through the launch of our gamer-centric fibre broadband plans that incorporate benefits from the two major gaming publishers in the region – Asiasoft and Garena.”

Starting tomorrow, StarHub will offer two new ultra-high-speed fibre broadband plans called MaxInfinity LVL99 100 Mbps and MaxInfinity LVL99 150 Mbps. These two new plans will feature local download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and 150 Mbps respectively, with priority given to local gaming traffic for a better gaming experience. Both plans will offer an assured typical international download speed of 15 Mbps 95% of the time during peak hours, and unlimited international bandwidth during off-peak hours. Details of StarHub’s new MaxInfinity LVL99 fibre broadband plans are outlined in Annex A.

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StarHub’s Partnership with Asiasoft and Garena

In addition to enjoying an ultra-high-speed fibre broadband connection, MaxInfinity LVL99 subscribers will also receive many special advantages through StarHub’s partnership with Asiasoft and Garena.

  • MaxInfinity LVL99 customers will be able to enjoy special in-game benefits such as more experience points, special power-ups and increased damage against opponents when playing many of Asiasoft games.
  • From Garena, MaxInfinity LVL99 customers will be able to redeem in-game items monthly for use with all Garena games.

“We are excited to provide Asiasoft’s IP Bonus Program to StarHub’s MaxInfinity LVL99 subscribers. Asiasoft IP Bonus Program allows gamers to receive extra in-game perks when they play Asiasoft games using StarHub’s new fibre broadband plans,” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman, Asiasoft Online. “As fibre broadband services get more and more affordable, it is essential for Asiasoft to reward our home-based gamers by providing value-added services such as IP Bonus Program. Furthermore, we believe that StarHub’s ultra-high-speed fibre broadband network will provide an optimum online gaming experience for our gamers.”

“We aim to continuously provide our gamers the best gaming experience and are happy to collaborate with StarHub, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Singapore, to make this a reality. Our gamers on MaxInfinity LVL99 will enjoy many benefits: unlimited international bandwidth, consistent connection, and better in-game latency,” said Mr Huang Qunyi, Director of Corporate Development, Garena Online. “To further benefit our gamers, we are also including a special package of free monthly in-game items worth $10, which can be redeemed on any of Garena’s games, namely Blackshot, League of Legends, and Heroes of Newerth.”

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StarHub remains committed to the gaming industry and community

The launch of MaxInfinity LVL99 demonstrates StarHub’s continued commitment to the gaming industry and community. As of today, the five leading game publishers in Singapore are directly connected to StarHub’s broadband network, including Asiasoft, Garena, IAH Games, Online E-Club, and Shanda Games. This means that MaxInfinity LVL99 subscribers can enjoy improved latency and a more consistent connection for the ultimate gaming experience.

To create greater awareness on the performance of the game servers connected to StarHub’s network, the company will start measuring the latency between the game client and associated game servers. These results will be published soon on StarHub’s website.

MaxInfinity LVL99 will also continue to evolve to offer more benefits to gamers here.

“The online gaming community is continually changing and we will always be on the pulse for their wants and requirements. Gamers everywhere can look forward to many more benefits over the next few months,” added Ms Wee. “With the launch of MaxInfinity LVL99, online gaming will be taken to the next level.”

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*Special price is only available for MaxInfinity LVL99 customers who sign up for or renew a StarHub TV contract at the same time.

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Annex A