Spixi is a Better Way to Charge and Sync Your Phone

Spixi is a Kickstarter project. Spixi is a jam-free retractable cable for smartphones. Made of eco-friendly materials, it has a beautiful design. Currently, almost 50% funded, I think this product will easily reach its goal. BTW, I am a backer for Spixi too 🙂 .

The project is a go at US$30,000. Currently, it is at the half-way mark. If you are fast, you could still buy it at the Early Bird pricing. If not, you will pay a full price of US$25.

Spixi has a few models. It has one for the latest iPhone 5 with the Lightning Port, one of other iOS devices and a Micro-USB version for most smartphones.

The delivery is slightly long in February 2013. My only question is whether they are able to get the iPhone 5 cable to work. Check this out if you want to know why I asked. If it can, I think US$25 for one Pixi is a steal (currently, the original cable for iPhone 5 is S$28).

For those techie guys/gals, here is the “internal” of Pixi.

Here is a video of Pixi.

Click Here to Pixi on Kickstarter