SingTel iPhone 5 Launch at MBS Singapore

Last week, I was invited to the launch of Apple iPhone 5 by SingTel. It was held at Marina Bay Sands. This is the first time that Telcos and retailers are selling the iPhone at the same time.

Customers were allocated appointment slot to purchase the iPhone 5. There were special VIP queue too.

The event starts at 8am on the 21st September. This is unlike previous launch when it was held just after midnight. I wonder why Apple wanted to do it this way.

The Executives from SingTel was there super early to commence the launch of iPhone 5, and at the same time to release the new deF!ND app on iOS.

Here is the first person in the queue, Ms Liu Ting Ting (age 20, student). She arrived on Thursday (20 Sep) night at 8:30pm.  Although she had a confirmed appointment to purchase iPhone 5 on Friday morning, she chose to camp overnight in order to be the first to get the phone.  Allen Lew (CEO Group Digital Life) and Yuen Kuan Moon (CEO Consumer Singapore) were on hand to present the phone to her.

I bet you cannot believe the number of photographers at the event. Here is a part of media group.

Here is a group shot of the first 10 customers with SingTel executives.

The sales started after that. For those who are curious how a NanoSIM looks like, check this out.

And here is the iPhone 5 package. The EarPods comes with the package.

The iPhone 5 (front).

The back.

And the lighting connector.

If you want see the comparison among the different iPhones, click the link below.

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Click Here to Compare 3 Generations of iPhone

I think most people went to the accessories booth right after they took their iPhone 5. It was super crowded.

Here are part of the accessories. If you need, you can also check out the iPhone 5 casing here.

In order for you to enjoy the moement, SingTel had set up booth where you can have your photograph taken and printed out immediately. There a some items to “dress” you too.

Here is the end results (see the picture in the mock up phone).

There are also Trade-in booth and SIM Card backup booth. I think SingTel has done a good job to make everyone comfortable during the wait (at least at MBS).

Here is the Press Release from SingTel on deF!ND.