Physical Comparison of 3 Generations of Apple iPhone

Apple finally releases the latest iPhone 5 last Friday (21st September). This version of iPhone is the first to have a bigger (or taller) screen. Here are three generations of iPhone for your reference.

This is the front of the iPhone.

And this is the back. Basically, you cannot tell the differences between iPhone 4 and 4s in the above front and back pictures. On the back, the iPhone 5 has two tones of color for the white or black version.

However, when you look at the side, you can see some differences. Notice that the bottom iPhone (iPhone 4) does not have an addition line. This “line” is actually the design of the antenna. Remember the antennagate issue? The iPhone 4s has “solved” it and therefore, you can also see this line on the iPhone 5. And of course, the iPhone 5 is longer (or taller) as shown in the picture.

As for the SIM card holder, both iPhone 4 and 4s are using MicroSIM while iPhone 5 is using NanoSIM. I cannot understand the reason for using NanoSIM. I remembered Apple mentioned that every space in iPhone 5 is precious. Why did they design a holder that has the same size as a MicroSIM card holder?

This is the other side of the iPhone. Again, you can see the Antenna. The rest are the same. The Volume buttons and the silent switch.

This is the bottom view. iPhone 4 and 4s basically look the same. On the iPhone 5, the 30-pin dock has been replaced by the 8-pin Lightning port. The speaker holes are more prominent on iPhone 5 and the headphone jack is now located at the bottom of the phone.

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The top view are the same for iPhone 4 and 4s except for the antenna line. The iPhone 5 has a clean look as the headphone jack has been shifted to the bottom.

All 3 generations of iPhone are using iOS 6 (which I regret after upgrading because the iOS Maps sucks). Anyway, my thoughts on the new iPhone 5. It is boring but quality is the best I have seen in any phone. The slightly thinner body is really nice and the weight loss is a welcome “feature” of the phone too.