TGIS Season 2 with Joanne Marie Sim is Back (Video)

Thanks to SingTel, I was invited to meet up with TGIS team to get to know more about the show and of course, more about their season 2 (which has already started). Joanne Marie Sim will still continue to host the show.

She is super friendly. The group of us consists of Tech bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, photo bloggers and etc. We were given an overview of TGIS season 1. Interestingly, the episode that got the highest viewership is the one that Joanne is in swimsuit. Anyway, I think that episode should be a lifesaver for people who might have dropped their phones in water. Joanne was teaching how you can “revive” the phone in that episode. Click here to view it.

For those who wanted to have an idea about season 1, watch this sizzle reel.

While talking about Season 2, it was revealed that the logo of TGIS had been modified. Check out this screenshot.

Here is a better view of the logo.

And as mentioned earlier, the TGIS Season 2 has just started. Here is the first episode.

Click Here to TGIS YouTube Site

We asked questions about future episodes and for your information, the 2nd episode will be out on the 29th August. Most of the TGIS information will be on SingTel’s Facebook page. Do check it out if you don’t want to miss anything.

We had a few Q&A and one of the best prize (in my opinion) is the Sony Xperia phone that was dropped into the pool and that bag of rice that was used to dry the phone. For those who had doubts that the phone can really work after dropping into the pool, the answer is a big “YES”.

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Here is Joanne sighing on the rice.

The prizes.

And the winner is Wilsurn.

Thanks SingTel for the invite. We had fun there. And thanks to Joanne for being so sporting. See you around. Here is the Press Release.