Comparing LG Optimus 4x HD with HTC One X and Samsung GALAXY S III

Update: Some pictures removed upon request by LG

If you have heard about LG Optimus 4x HD, you might know that the closest competitors for this phone is the HTC One X and the Samsung GALAXY S III. One of the reasons is that all of them are sporting Quad Core Processors.

What I am going to show is presentation from a LG workshop. Some might say these information are biased against the HTC One X or Samsung GALAXY S III. However, I think that the figure and fact of a hardware do not lie.

Of course, personally, I feel that the overall experience of the phone plays the most important part in getting the consumer to buy. So, bear with me as I go through these presentation.

From the information, you will know that Optimus 4x HD shares the same Quad Core processor as HTC One X. LG Optimus 4X HD is the heaviest but has the biggest battery capacity and it has the brightest screen (550 Nits).

As for UX (user experience), all three phones has their own. What I think is that they forgot to put Samsung S-Memo into Samsung GALAXY S III.

If you notice, LG is using True IPS HD. From what I know, the IPS screen consumes lesser energy and produce more accurate color

And according to LG, the battery on Optimus 4x HD is high density battery.

As mentioned earlier, all these information are just presentation material. I do admire the fact that LG dares to compare its phone with the competitors head on. I am still trying out the handset. Will do another round of review on it.

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If you have your thoughts, share it here. 🙂 I won’t bite.