Nokia Update Maps with Groupon Deals and Live Traffic Updates

Nokia has been improving its maps. With the latest update, whether you like it or not, it has incorporated Groupon deals into it and also enhances the Live Traffic information.

However, for those in Singapore and many other countries, the Groupon deals feature is only available in US as of now. As for traffic update, as of last check on my Nokia Lumia 800, I cannot see any traffic information (although the option is there).

Here are the changes/features for the latest update:

  • Plan and edit routes
  • Get Groupon deals for the places you visit. Available in the US.
  • Live traffic on the map in select areas, updated every 3 minutes
  • Improved stability and performance

If you cannot see any update on the Marketplace, please go to Nokia Collection and click on the Nokia Maps. You should see the update.


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