A Fresh Way to View Photos with New Cooliris App (Video)

Check out the Cooliris app. It is a cool way to look at photos from your iPhone/iPad, Facebook, Instagram or even images from Google Search. Check out the video after the break and get it free now.

The scrolling on the app is super fluid. The Cooliris wall is a fresh way to see the photos. You can share the photos in private or just share it on your Facebook timeline.

BTW, you will need to have iOS 5.0 and above to use the app. Here are the features of Cooliris

  • Fast, fluid, and visually stunning interface.
  • View and share photos from your library, Facebook, Instagram, and the web.
  • Interact with photos on a stunning 3D wall.
  • Collaboratively share photos in private conversation or post them to Facebook.
  • Stream photos to Apple TV via AirPlay.
  • Works on iPad and iPhone.
  • Free and unlimited photo uploads.

Click Here to Get the Cooliris App

Check out the video.

Here is the Press Release