Riding the Limousine with TomTom Via 620 (Video)

TomTom  launched the TomTom Via 620 at Ku Dé Ta at Sands SkyPark last Thursday (5th July). It has been raining the whole morning and was glad that in the afternoon, it stopped raining just before the event.

The restaurant is situated at the 57th floor (Sands SkyPark). We had a few tables occupied by the medias and bloggers. The event started with Valerie Cross giving us an overview of TomTom.

Chris Kearney, Vice President, TomTom Asia Pacific was also there. He announced the TomTom Via 620 with introduction to the features.

One of the highlights of TomTom maps is that they are providing lifetime updates of 7 maps: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong & Macau for a limited time only.

I remembered asking Valerie this question last year. At that time, there was no subscription plan for the maps update. Now, with this lifetime update, I am sure many will be more willing to try out.

The main event of the day was actually the hands-on session of TomTom Via 620. TomTom has prepared two limousines for us to sit in comfort and to test out the units.

See the length of this Limousine?

The TomTom Via 620 can be installed in two types of position: On the dashboard or suction onto the windscreen. Here is how the suction cup looks like.

Here are some shots of TomTom Via 620.

A card slot.

The charging port.

We made a short trip from MBS to One Fullerton and then back to MBS. Along the way, we were shown how we can set the destination.

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As you can see, all of us were looking so relax in the limousine. The units were passed around for us to try.

I did a short video of the trip and hands-on of the unit.

TomTom, in my opinion, has done a great job in the local addresses. I remembered previously when I reviewed a unit, I could not find a location if I enter the postal code. This time, I tried the same address and it can easily identified it.

And TomTom allows you to add some personal touch to the unit. For example, the car in the display can be changed to your liking. Many choices to choose from.

One of the features that is missing on the Via 620 is the live traffic information. I asked Cedric, Director, Content Operations, SEA, about it and he mentioned that TomTom is in talk with LTA. Hopefully, we can see this feature soon. It is nice to see improvements on TomTom PNDs over the years.

Thanks TomTom for the invite. Looking forward to more features in the future.

BTW, since I am at the 57th floor SandsPark, here are some HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures for your enjoyment.

The weather before the event starts.

And here is an image of the Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay.