Awesome Skydiving Footage Taken with Google Glass and How You can Get It (Video)

Check out this awesome skydiving footage taken with Google Glass. It was shown on Google I/O. I think Sergey Brin really stole the show with his impromptu interruption during Google+ presentation.

He step into the presentation, having a Google Hangout on Google+ with his Google Glass with the skydivers. And they jumped out into the sky still connect to the Hangout with thousands watching them land on the rooftop.

It was really awesome. Now, you can see some of their action with this video (not from the actual footage but I think good enough).

BTW, the Google Glass finally has a price tag. It cost US$1,500 for the explorer edition and only open for pre-order for the attendees of Google I/O. And the delivery will be next year.

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