Summon Auntie Update with New Features

Check out the latest Summon Auntie app. It looks refreshing with a new NotePlate feature. Now, you can park your car, inform the Summon Auntie gang with the app and at the same time, key in information on NotePlate for others to see.


For those who are new to Summon Auntie, it is an app that helps people who park their car illegally or without parking coupons to be warned when a parking warden is in the car vicinity. The new version will be version 5. Why they skip version 4, here is the reson.

Brothers, Sisters, Uncles and Aunties. Summon Auntie has a NEW VERSION (5.0) again. HO EH! BAIK! KOPI AUNTIE say the “number 4” is not auspicious (Pantang la bro), so we skip Version 4 and head for Version 5 straight. Summon Auntie is THE No.1 Singapore Drivers App is updated to give you more helpful features! SHARE THE LOVE!!

Here is the list of new features.

  • NOTEPLATE: Message a vehicle plate number. It’s simple communication channel to let people talk to drivers via their license plate number. See a headlight that is not switched off, simply just message the car plate number and he will be notified. (dont do it while driving)
  • TRAFFIC CONDITIONS: Giving you a quick glimpse of the road traffic condition to help you steer away from heavy or slow moving roads. Really hard to put it in words. Download and try la.
  • NEW DESIGN: Cleaner and Simpler Look and Feel!

It looks cleaner and more professional. The traffic condition is based on Google Traffic (which might not be accurate). It should link to LTA traffic updates for better information.

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