Sponsored Video: What does this Sexy Girl got to do with Samsung SmartTV?

Samsung recently launched a campaign on their SmartTV. It features a short film surrounding a sexy girl (which many might know her) and the latest 2012 Samsung SmartTV.

The plot in the film is pretty simple. Guy (many of them) saw girl waving sexily at the window. These guys thought she was waving at them. Guys swarmed to the girl’s apartment, hoping to get to know her. And guess what she was doing.

Thanks to Samsung’s Motion Control on the SmartTV, she was controlling the SmartTV by waving her hand in front of it. You can see from the film how she controls the volume  just by waving the hands.

In one of the final scene, while she was eating on the sofa, she can still manage to control the SmartTV. I am sure many of us eat in front of the TV. With the motion control, there will be no reason to dirty the remote control with food stains anymore. Your hands become the remote control.

I think the campaign has delivered this message well. “Look. Don’t touch.” It implies to both the pretty girl and the Samsung SmartTV. Don’t you think so? BTW, check out some of the stars in the video. I am sure you know who I am talking about. Here is the video. Have a good laugh with it.

Sponsored video by Samsung.