Iron Man Bracelet Gives You the Power! (Video)

Remember the Iron Man or Avengers bracelet I blogged about a few days ago? I had some fun with some of the bloggers recently “testing” out this magnetic bracelet. It is meant to be fun and I guess many are amazed that this thing really has “power”. Watch the video after the break.

BTW, we were having dinner at this restaurant and I basically “forced” them to help me. Renhao is my camera man and Justin Ng is my guinea pig.

What I want to show is the difference before and after you wear the magnetic bracelet. I saw this test many years ago and I have done it using different magnetic bracelets or even pure magnets coil round the wrist. They will work anyway. I guess it is because of the magnetic property (magnetic field) that make you more “stable”.

Magnetic bracelets or necklace are usually worn by sports men or women (especially golf, in my opinion). This simple test is actually a very visual way to represent stability with the magnetic bracelet. I am not sure if there will be any medical benefits from it or not.

To do the test: –

  • Without wearing the magnetic bracelet, ask the person to place the palm overlapping each other in front of him/her. Then use your fist to apply force onto the palm.
  • Do note that this is not to test the strength of you or that person. The aim of doing it is to show that with a force on the palm, it is quite normal that the person will fall/move forward
  • Next, wear the magnetic bracelet and perform the test again. You will see immediately effect.
  • The person will feel more stable even though the same amount of force is applied.
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Do it for the sake of fun and do not forcefully do it on a person. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any injuries 🙂

Here is the video (sorry that I have to do it so fast as I know that the memory card is almost full).

For your info, I bought this bracelet after watching The Avengers (Tony Stark wears it in one of the scene before he don his Iron Man Mark VII suit). The name of this bracelet is actually Limited Edition Avengers MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND from Colantotte. You can check for more information here. Have fun with your magnetic bracelets 🙂