What Will Microsoft Reveal in Windows Phone Dev Summit in June?

Microsoft is going to host the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco this 20th and 21st of June. What will Microsoft reveal in this summit? Based on the invite, I think it will more likely be apps and a little on their future OS upgrade (Apollo?).

I guess the most lacking on Windows Phone is apps. Although Microsoft has increased Windows Phone apps significantly, active users of other OSes (Android or iOS) will miss these apps.

Nowadays, if you talk to people, I am sure that they will not discuss the feel of the touchscreen or multi-touch experience. Instead, they will focus on which apps are available on the OS. This is especially true on iOS where many are “stuck” with their games.

Another thing that I hope Microsoft can look into is Rich-Text format for their mail. Currently, embedded pictures are not able to display on email. If you have tried Android or iOS, you will not have this problem. I really hope that Microsoft could look into it to enhance the user experience.