Man Flies like a Bird Using Kite Material, Wii and a Android Phone, Real? (Video)

Do you believe that this person, Jarno Smeets, a dutch engineer, flew his first flight with a self made wing suit and using the accelerometer of Wii and a HTC Wildfire S smartphone? Well, the video seems to say so but not the commentators.

Seems like the comments on the Youtube video is saying that it is fake and this person, Jarno Smeets, has not given any interview after the flight. Many people are saying that it is fake.

What do you think?

(click here to Youtube)

Many believe that this is a viral video but it seems quite impossible for him to fly with those materials. Other is saying that the video is fake as some angels seems fishy. I could not see any problem with the video. If this is real, congrats to him 🙂 .


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