LG Setup New Air-Conditioning Academy in Singapore

LG announces the new Air-Conditioning Academy in Singapore. This is the first of its kind in Singapore. Their training modules are categorized into three main areas: sales, installation and service. More information after the break.


LG puts customers first with Air-Conditioning Academy that will

train industry partners and customer service officers

 SINGAPORE, March 15th, 2012 – LG Electronics, a leader in combining stylish design and smart technology, launched the LG Air-Conditioning Academy today – a technical training centre exclusively for generating and nurturing technological and human capital for residential and commercial air-conditioning products in Singapore.

The LG Air-Conditioning Academy is the first of its kind in Singapore, having already experienced success across other parts in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and America. The LG Air-Conditioning Academy will serve as a strategic key centre to communicate and strengthen the capabilities of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry partners, through training programmes and solutions designed for local conditions and customers’ requirements.

Training modules are categorised into three main areas: sales, installation and service, where important topics like network solutions, system maintenance, diagnostics and technical troubleshooting for air-conditioning products will be taught.

“We strongly believe in the importance of customer experience in the whole purchasing cycle which extends to the assurance that the products function efficiently and satisfactorily. Setting up LG Air-Conditioning Academy is one of our commitments to raise the product and service quality standards as we continue to develop more advanced air-conditioners.

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LG is committed to ensure that end-users get the best after-sales service. A trained work force is essential in order to deliver high service standards to the users,” said Mr. Kim Kwi Chun, Product Director of LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solution (AE) Company.

Globally, LG Electronics AE Company manages over 100 Commercial Air-Conditioning (CAC) Academies and plans to open more of them, in order to continue providing reliable and trustworthy service to both residential and commercial customers.

In 2011, LG Electronics AE Company increased its sales by 10%, despite the global economic downturn. LG Electronics AE Company aims to achieve US$10 billion in global sales by 2015 by focusing on energy-efficient HVAC solutions for residential and commercial customers. By opening an LG Air-Conditioning Academy here in Singapore, LG Electronics AE Company aims to expand its extensive portfolio by further prioritising the Singaporean market’s needs for outstanding energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.