Preview of Transformers Cybertron Con in Singapore, Picture Intensive

I was invited to the media preview of Transformers Cybertron Convention event in Singapore on the 10th March 2012. The event starts from today (11th March 2012) till 14th March 2012. This event is held every 2 years and the first time in Singapore. In 2010, the event was held in China, Shanghai.

If you are a Transformers fans, this is a event that you must not missed. I am going to “spam” this post with over 90 pictures of the event (BTW, this, in my opinion, is just a fraction of the pictures that I can take as there are many areas that are not ready when the media was there yesterday).

The biggest highlight of this event is the 22-feet (or 6 meter) tall Optimus Prime. From my understanding, if Optimus Prime is real, it will be that tall. There will be a scald-folding for photo opportunity for those with VIP tickets (BTW, as of last check, the VIP tickets are sold out).

We were given a tour of the exhibition. Some of them are not ready but that does not stop us from taking pictures non-stop. When you enter the hall, you will be greeted with 2 choice. The Autobots or the Decepticons.

Along the walkway.

Don’t worry. Both will lead you to the same exhibits. Take your time to read through the history of Transformers and those figurines on exhibit. There is an area where you can play the games (not ready when we were there). I will leave the pictures to the last part. Moving on, we were greeted by the life size Optimus Prime. Here is another view that I thought from the scald-folding.

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A closer look.

A closer look

The back.

To show you how big Optimus Prime is, here is a zoom out view.

Walking pass it, you will see a stage where Bumble Bee will appear in AR (Augmented Reality) to interact with the audiences.

There will also be a mini 3D theater where you can rest your feet and watch some short videos.

Finally, you will reach a store where you can buy to your heart content the Transformers merchandise.

Do walk around and take note of little things like these posters. Nice!

Here are some pictures of the exhibitors at work.

Look at these Transformers figurines waiting to be “prep” for the big show.

Ok, here is the big portion of pictures of the Transformers figurines through the generation. Before that, do take some time to read the rich history of Transformers. Learned quite a few things about them.

Close up.


I shall start with my favorite portion from Disney, sports brand and music 🙂 .

My favorite: Nike Shoe Transformers.

Close ups.

Guess what it is carrying.


Here is a gold edition from “The Dark of the Moon”.

There are also some classics that I remembered when I was young.

Here are some very first generation Transformers.

And Japanese Transformers.

And others.

There are lots of photo opportunities. My advice for those who are venturing there is not to rely on your flash so much. Most of the exhibits are encased in glass panel. Any flash will trigger reflections. Some display are quite high up. I suggest that you use a compact camera to snap those figurines. Or if you DSLR has tilt screen function, use it. (Note: I read the rules and regulation that states that flash photography is not allowed.)

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My only “complain” is the lighting from the RWS Compass Ballroom is very “distracting”. You can understand while viewing my pictures. However, for the fans, it is an opportunity of the lifetime to see so many Transformers in a single location. Here are some shots I took with my camera phone while outside the ballroom. You can have fun with them too!

That is it! I hope that you enjoy the pictures.

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