Apple Future iPhone May Have Lytro But What is Lytro (Video)

If you have been following the Tech news or actively chasing after iPhone 5 news, you might have heard about iPhone with Lytro. It all started out with a  new book by Fortune Magazine’s Adam Lashinsky titled, Inside Apple.

From the information in the book, it seems that the late Steve Jobs took an interest on Lytro and met up with the inventor and CEO of Lytro, Ren Ng to discuss how the technology behind Lytro could fit into an iPhone.

But what is Lytro? Why is Steve Jobs interested?

Imagine if you could take a picture without thinking of where to focus. As long as you like what you see in the screen, capture it and you can focus on any part of the picture later. That is what the Lytro can do.

Have you seen out of focus picture and you wish that you could have more time to refocus or take the scene again. With Lytro, this will be the thing of the past.

Lytro is a Light Field Camera. That means it captures light in all directions. Not an easy feat.

The most important about the Lytro camera is the sensor. It has an array of micro-lens that is capable of capturing 11 million light rays. And with its software (light field engine 1.0), it is able to refocus on any part of the picture after it is taken. Lytro call it Living Picture.

Here is a video to illustrate how it works.

Want to give it a try? Click on any part of the picture below. You can refocus the picture.

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Amazing, isn’t it? Well, if you take a look at the Lytro Light Field Camera, you will realize that it is a little bulky and to fit into an iPhone (which is known for its sleekness), I guess there is a need for more technical exploration.

I am not sure if you can see such awesome technology in iPhone 5 or not but I believe it will be difficult. Nonetheless, since the talk has started (although Steve Jobs is no longer around), I hope that it can really work out to have it on iPhone or as a matter of fact, any phone.

If you can’t wait, you can always pre-order one now.

Click Here to Lytro website


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What do you think? Will it change the way we take pictures? Now, I am beginning to wonder if Canon’s Wonder Camera is based on this concept.