Samsung Galaxy Note has Wacom IC and NFC?

According to the Official Samsung Tomorrow blog, Samsung Galaxy Note has NFC in it. This was revealed in a blog post on dissecting the Galaxy Note. However, I believe that the one that they did the tear down is a US version which may have included the NFC.

Based on the tear down, it mentioned a 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor which is for US market only. It is interesting is to know that there is a digitizer (Item 3) and Wacom IC (Item 5-1) on it. This is actually needed for the S-Pen.

It is nice that Samsung is able to cramp everything into such a small package. Another interesting information is that it mentions NFC on one of the board (5-1). As I know, NFC is optional but I am wondering why they don’t put it in since the board is already capable of using it.

If you wish to know more, click on the below link.

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