Smoked by Windows Phone (Video)

Microsoft is all out at CES 2012 to lure people into taking Windows Phone seriously. They have been getting people to games with them so as to prove that some of Windows Phone features are superior than the rest of the OSes.

Watch the recap on first day. Many people fall prey to Windows Phone. I have been a Windows Phone user for more than a year and I have to say that I still love my Windows Phone  for its efficiency. Of course, it is still a steep slope to climb for Windows Phone to be on par with the rest. There are many apps that are still not available.

Watch the first day recap.

and this is second day.

And the loser has to admit to the camera that they were “smoked” by a Windows Phone. Winner will get a US$100. What is surprising is that the loser ends up the biggest winner as they were given a Windows Phone!


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