DropboxAutomator Now Live, Awesome Idea

DropboxAutomator is an awesome idea. Put anything into Dropbox selected folder and it will process your required action(s) in the backend and present to you the results in neat folders.

According to their blog, the service was initially Wappwolf that helps to automate actions. However, they think that it was too complex to ordinary users. Someone come up with a bet to automate this process and that was the birth of DropboxAutomator.

It all started with a simple bet: “Come on, give it a go! The market will tell if they like this service or not.” Here we are some 5 days later, having been featured on all major tech blogs and having seen 10k new users in less than 72 hours. What a start, then!

And I think the users love it. 10,000 users in 72 hours.

Here are the actions that DropboxAutomator can perform now.

  • Documents
    • Convert to PDF
    • Summarize
    • Translate
    • PDF to TXT
    • Upload to Google Docs
    • Upload to Slideshare
    • Sign PDF (electronic signature)
  • Pictures
    • Upload to Facebook
    • Upload to Flickr
    • Downscale
    • Convert image
    • Rotate image
    • Write text on image
    • Photo effect
    • Stamp a logo on the image
    • Stamp a map on the image
    • Stamp a “dislike” on the image
  • Any file
    • email
    • Zip file
    • Save it to another Dropbox-folder
    • Rename
    • Upload to FTP-Server
    • Encrypt file
    • Decrypt file
  • Send info
    • Tweet
    • Set Facebook status file
  • And constantly growing…

I did some test on the service and I must say it is great for bloggers like me. I can watermark my pictures just by putting them into the selected folder.

This is an example of a simple automation.

I created a folder called Logo_Stamp, selected it during the setup and as you can see, I selected two actions: downscale and stamp a logo.

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Here is the results. I chose a small stamp from the option. Should have chosen a big one. Anyway, this is an example only.

The process took less than 5 minutes after upload. And it will auto generate two folders: processed, result.

A word of caution. I tried to delete the auto-generated folders and it seems not to be working after that. So, please delete the automation and folder and start afresh if you want it to work perfectly.

And for the text link, it seems to have a little problem. I tried to align the text to Right Bottom but it ends up in the center. Hopefully, it can be fixed soon.

I hope that they can allow us to customize the picture size. Currently, they have only a few choices. Having said that, I still think that it is an awesome service.

Do give it a try.

Click Here to DropboxAutomator

PS: If you do not have a Dropbox account, you can click here to create one.