Nokia Lumia Launch Party at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay Singapore (Video)

After the Nokia Lumia Launch event, we were taken on a bum boat to Read Bridge Clarke Quay where a big party is happening. The first 100 person to buy a Nokia Lumia 800 will get a Xbox360 and Kinect bundle.  The first person in the queue came at 5am!

Thanks to Nokia, we were in the VIP area. There were food and drinks. And there are many kiosks where people can play around with the Nokia Lumia 800 and Xbox 360.

The whole stage was made like a Windows Phone. Finally, when the event begins, we were greeted by Rozz and Paul. Anthony Wilson was there to initiate the countdown of the event.

The countdown begins. When it reaches zero, the cloth behind the stage dropped to review a super big Lumia 800 housing DJ KoFlow, singers and also social media star, Xiaxue.

Here are some pictures of the entertainment that night.

And here is a shot of Rozz and Paul.

Want to see if the party is crowded?

And here is Joseph from Nokia with hardcore Nokia fans.

Here is a video to summarize the whole event, from taking the bum boat to the countdown and the finale. Enjoy.