Nokia Lumia 800 Colorful Accessories Revealed (Video)

While we were towards the end of an interview with Nokia’s Andrej and Sirpa, we got distracted when they started showing us all the accessories. These pictures were taken within a short span of less than 10 minutes before we got to catch our boat to the Nokia Party. More about the party in another post.

Literally, we have no time to take good pictures. We were glad we were the last group and we have some nice look (abet short time) with the accessories.

In my opinion, the best of the lot. They are bluetooth earpiece with NFC and comes in bold colors. Shape like an egg, you might not realize that they are earpieces.

Flip it over, you can see the triangular shape earpiece.

Notice that the wired earpiece in pink? Here is a closer look.

And these are the covers for Nokia Lumia 800.

Here is a look when you flip it open.

The back.

Here is the same cover in brown color.

And one in acrylic.

The back.

Before we were about to go, we were shown another set of colorful bluetooth earpieces. Nice!

I do not have any details (models and etc) of these accessories. Will update again once I receive them.

Here is a video to show more about the egg shape earpiece with NFC.


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