Take Part in Nokia ‘Amazing Everyday’ Contest and Win Headset by Monster

Note: The Contest has ended. Winners will be selected by me and I will update again. Thanks again for the participation.

Thanks to Nokia, I am honored to conduct this Nokia ‘Amazing Everyday’ contest. This contest will run from now till 11th December 2011. The prize is a Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headsets by Monster. There will be 2 winners and they will be picked by me. Information of the contest after the break.

As part of the Nokia Lumia 800 launch, Nokia is giving out 2 Nokia Purity HD Stereo headsets by Monster to the winners of this contest. To take part, contestant must submit a photo or video of an ‘Amazing Everyday’ moment.

So, what is ‘Amazing Everyday’ moment?

It is the billions of little adventures that await you out there. It is about being open to new things and new sensations. It’s about seeking them out. And trying them. It is about playing the game with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Because that is when amazing things happen.

Spicing up an everyday outfit to look simply amazing to brighten up a boring day, or surfing on a fun game machine – these are some amazing everyday events that we can have.

In short, anything can be an ‘Amazing Everyday’ moment. It can be as simple as taking a much needed break after a hectic day, or it can be taking a moment to play or interact with your children. It needs not be complicated. You can take a look at these videos for inspiration.


Who can enter this contest?

  • People who resides in Singapore and provides a valid email address or contact information.
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How to Enter this Contest?

(1) Submit a photo or video of what you think an ‘Amazing Everyday’ moment.

  • For photo, you can send to me at joe [at] techielobang.com. You can also upload to any public site (Flickr and etc) where anyone can see it.
  • For video, please upload to any video sites where I can embed the video or where anyone can see it (recommended: Youtube)

(2) Give a description to your submission and tell me why this is an ‘Amazing Everyday’ moment.

(3) Promote this contest (“Like” the post, Tweet about it, G+ it, Share link with friends)

(4) Here is the format for submission (please use the comment system to submit)

Name: Your Name

Email: youremail@yourmail.com (no valid email, no entry)

Title: Title for your photo or video

Photo/Video Link: Your link if you have uploaded it. If you have emailed me, just indicate “by email”

Description of your entry: Describe your submission

Promoted it?: Tell me how you have promoted it

Things to Note

  • You must own the photo or video before you post.
  • TechieLobang.com has the rights to post the photo.
  • TechieLobang has the final say on the winners
  • Winners will be announced within 1 week of contest closure, and prizes will be sent to them within 1 week of winner announcement.
  • Prizes which are left unclaimed for 3 weeks will go to another participant who is deemed next in line to be a winner.
  • Photo or video submitted will be put up on this post to allow for public viewing. Photo will be resized to fit this post. Each photo or video will have an ID number for easy reference. Contestant’s name will be put beside this ID.
  • Photo can be enhanced or digitally manipulated to bring out the mood.
  • You cannot choose the color for the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset.
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How to Increase Chance of Winning?

  • To get inspiration on taking that perfect picture or video, Nokia has organized two fulfilled days at Orchard road. You can take this opportunity to capture the ‘Amazing Everyday’ moment.
  • At the same time, the official launch date is 7th December. You can also be at the launch* to watch the performance and contest.

Click Here to Read the Details

  • You can also garner support for your photo/video by asking friends to support you. Get your friends to comment on this post by referencing to the ID of the photo/video you submitted. The more (positive) comments, the better chance. Of course, the final decision is still on me.

So, good luck! I really like to see your photos and videos. I will be at the Nokia Event on the 3rd and 7th December. If you spot me, come and say hi. I promise I won’t bite. 🙂

PS: To have a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 800, you can use the same photo or video to submit to Nokia Singapore Facebook page at the end of this contest (contest there runs from 1 Dec to 31 Dec).

PPS: To get to know more about Nokia Lumia 800, check out my first impression of it here.


ID: Nokia01

Name: Chester Chen

ID: Nokia02

Name: Dennis Seow

ID: Nokia03

Name: Felix Ker

ID: Nokia04

Name: Jason Koh

ID: Nokia05

Name: Colin Tan

ID: Nokia06

Name Janette Tan

ID: Nokia07

Name: Leon Tan

ID: Nokia08

Name: Leon Tan

ID: Nokia09

Name: Pink Ong

ID: Nokia10

Name: David Chieng