Dell XPS 14z Laptop First Look

Dell launches XPS 14z yesterday. I was there (a bit late) and had a short time with it. This post is NOT about the benchmark or processor speed. It is more on the outlook and the little things about this laptop.

For a start, I like the packaging (see above). It is small and compact. Here is how it looks inside. BTW, that is the adapter on the left.

The Dell XPS 14z is touted to have a borderless design. Here is look at the laptop.

Here is a close up of the webcam.

I like the fact that they have separate the audio and microphone into two different port (some Dell design has them combined).

I also like the touchpad. It is very big.

The keyboard is something I like too (especially it comes with backlit).

Here is another look of the keyboard in another perspective.

This XPS 14z also comes with SD card slot. Anyway, I think it has become a norm for most laptops.

It is located next to the mic and audio port.

Here is a look from the bottom. Do note that the battery is NOT detachable.

There are a few unique designs on the laptop. To me, it is a love them or hate them thing.

First, the hinge is very unique. Actually, I am no fan of this.

Next, the speakers design. I prefer a more traditional one. This one seems to be a dust trap.

And the built in CD is just a slot. Again, I am paranoid on dust going inside.

All the ports and connector are at the back. I am also no fan of this design. I prefer them to be on the left or right. Just my preference.

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Close up.

That is all for a super short preview of the Dell XPS 14z. The XPS 14z laptop is available now through, and in select retail stores nationwide at starting prices of S$1,449 for the Core i5 version, and S$1,749 for the Core i7 version. Click HERE to read the full Press Release.