Lobangclub App Helps to Search for Cheapest Bargain in Singapore

First of all, I need to mention that I am not affiliated to this Lobangclub App. I think their idea is great and with social power, it might become a much needed app for every Singaporean.

This app is able to utilize the iPhone camera to scan the barcode and search their database for pricing on that product. As of now, they mentioned that they have over 500,000 products in Singapore.

Database includes Groceries, Electronics, Computer parts, Cosmetics, Baby products, Toys and etc.

As mentioned, this app requires the help of everyone to ensure that the prices are correct and the lobangs are added periodically. If you have an iPad that does not have a camera, it can still work. You will need to key in the barcode manually.

If you have Facebook, you can use it to login. If you do not want to link to Facebook, you can sign in as new users.

How to use?

  • Step 1. Scan a barcode on the product you want to buy
  • Step 2. You will receive a list of all the shops in Singapore that sell that product and the prices
  • Step 3. You can help us by either contributing a price or verifying that the price is correct.

At this moment, they are still building the database. So, it will be great for users to contribute.

Click Here for More Details on Lobangclub App


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