Steve Jobs Dead for About 60 seconds

This is how the Internet and Social Media nowadays. Instead of confirmation of a news, they retweeted, shared among their peers and 60 seconds is all it takes for a CBS’s wrong tweet that Steve Jobs had died.

According to the information, CBS News show “What’s Trending with Shira Lazar” had sent out an unconfirmed and error tweet that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had died.

The news was pulled within a minute but that was enough for it to spread through the Internet. There is now a website that reads “” that has a single NOPE in the page.

Here is the link that shows the retweet from the initial tweet.

So in actual fact, Steve Jobs is “dead” for a minute. It is not known if Apple has commented on this news or not. It is still strange how this news of Steve Jobs dead comes about. I am sure CBS is a responsible company and would not have done something like this for fun. Lets wait and see.

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