SingPet App Allows You to Pay Your Pet Food using PayPal

SingPet, in collaboration with PayPal, introduces SingPet App.  It is one of the first made-in-Singapore Apps to allow customers to scan to buy, featuring Red Laser technology. It is available on iTunes and Android market. More information after the break.

With the new App, your furry, feathery and fishy friends (and even your pet horse!) will never go hungry or be bored ever again.

While barcode scanning Apps to check prices may not be new, has introduced one of the first Made-in-Singapore Apps to allow customers to scan to buy – anytime, anywhere. Featuring Red Laser technology, customers need only grab their smartphones, scan the barcode and buy immediately to stock up on a fresh bag of pet grub or a fancy toy to chew on. Not only does this functionality ensure customers avoid any confusion (or error) when it comes to product purchases (what you scan is what you get), it also means that time-consuming journeys to the pet store are now a trek of the past.

This new App, in collaboration with PayPal, is available on Apple iPhones and Android devices and makes browsing through over 5,000 varieties of pet food, accessories, toys, medicine and grooming products a breeze. Furthermore, the App stores customer preferences and past transactions, thereby making repeat purchases even easier. The App lists (up to five) of each customer’s most recent invoices, giving pet owners a record of their purchases and helps them manage their monthly pet expenses better.

Now pet lovers all over Singapore are able to complete each mobile shopping transaction by simply clicking on the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button and have their purchases delivered within 48hrs. All mobile payments are completed quickly and easily in as little as two clicks and without the hassle of entering in credit/debit card details on a small screen. PayPal also provides a safer mobile payment method as no financial details are shared with merchants or stored on mobile devices.

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With faster, safer mobile payments, PayPal continues to connect shoppers to savvy merchants like who are growing their business through mobile commerce today.

About: was started by a group of veterinarians and vet nurses who wanted to bring great prices and convenience to pet owners. Purchases are made online and products are delivered within 48hrs.