Review of OpenNet App for Your iOS Devices

Thanks to OpenNet, I am able to test out the OpenNet App for the rollout of Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) in Singapore. The app is not in the App Store yet (soon). If you are those that are on the waiting list, this app is important to prep you on what to expect and all. It will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Basically, it is a simple app with full of information on OpenNet and the NGNBN information. BTW, I am using the iPad to test out the app.

The OpenNet app allows users to:

  • Check when the OpenNet installation team will be coming to their neighbourhood
  • Check when a connected household can subscribe to fibre broadband services.
  • Book a time for the installation, or change it
  • Receive news updates from OpenNet
  • Access an interactive guide on the home installation process, with videos and photos not found in the physical home owner’s guide.

When you start up the app, you will be asked to sign up “AlertMe” to get information on OpenNet. I suggest that you sign up for the service to ensure that you don’t miss out any news or notification.

You can submit or skip this page and you will be greeted with this.

I suggest you click on the OpenNet Menu as it has some important stuffs like:

  • Coverage checker
  • FAQ
  • Media Gallery

For the Coverage Checker, you can easily see the status of your residence with your postal code. You can also use “locate me” to search for your location. Personally, I think it will be better to use the postal code as most of us are in building and the accuracy of the “locate me” is not that good.

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Here is a residential area that is already installed with NGNBN.

And here is a residential area that is ready for booking an appointment to fix up the connection point.

As mentioned earlier, you can actually use the app to make an appointment for the contractor to visit the house (if you have already receive the letter of invite). This can be found on the main page (What to Expect) with “Sign Up Now!”.

Do note that you will need to get ready the User ID and password that comes with the invite. And you will need to get your mobile phone ready to receive an SMS to confirm. For this test app, I am unable to simulate a sign up.

Other interesting information that you can use are the Media Gallery and FAQ.

In the Media Gallery, you can watch video to understand more about the installation process and understand what is Optical Fibre.

Finally, a long list of FAQs for you to understand more.


I think the app has good information on OpenNet schedule and information on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. However, the app is long overdue as their target completion date for this project is next year.

Of all the features, I don’t see a need for the News/Blog tab (unless it push information to users via AlertMe). I checked on their website. Basically, News is Notices and Blog is Blog on their “About Us” tab.

I think this app should behave like an utility app to check on the schedule and etc instead of behaving like a blog/news app. However, having say that, you can just ignore those features and use it on your own preferences.