Google Introduces Google+, the Social Networking Project (Video)

Google+ is another project from Google. It is quite ambitious. Google+ has so many elements in it. In short, Google wanted Google+ to organize your social life with the introduction of Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Upload and Huddle.

For a start, it is quite tedious to absorb so much details about Google+ project. So, I will keep this post as easy to understand as possible.

Here is what Google has to say about Google+ project.

So, let’s break down the project into the different features.

  • Circles
    • group your friends accordingly. Example: colleagues, BFF and etc
  • Sparks
    • find the topic(s) that interest you and Sparks will do the rest. Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet
  • Hangouts
    • It is multi-person video with your circle of friends. Choose your Circles and hangouts can link them via video so that you can a little virtual meetup.
  • Mobile: Location + Instant Upload
    • Location: Add location on your post so that people know where you are.
    • Instant Upload: Upload pictures instantly/automatically to a private album and share them with friends over different devices.
  • Huddle
    • In short, group chat.

There, the Google+ project. Now, let these videos explain to you.




Mobile: Instant upload


So, ready to try Google+?

Unfortunately, only a group of selected people can try it now. You can still let Google know you are interested by providing your email to them. Or try out their Interactive tours on Google+ project.

Click Here to Google+ Project

or if you think you need more explanation, go to Google Blog.

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Click Here to Google Blog on Google+ Project

BTW, Google+ is available for Android devices. You can get it at Android Market.

Click Here to Google+ for Android

According to Google, there might be some “rough edges” now for Google+. So, don’t expect a smooth running for a start. If you are the first few in the world to try out, congrats.

In my opinion, Google+ is an ambitious project to link things that already exist into a single platform. It is like Facebook, Foursquare, WhatsApp (Huddle but not quite there yet), Skydrive (or any services that can upload pictures from your phone), Fring or Qik or Skype (multi person video) combined.

Will it work? Or should I say, who people buy this idea? Not sure yet. BTW, iPhone app might be coming your way. If you are in it, have fun.