Skype for iPad to Arrive on Tuesday? (Video)

Skype has pull out a video on Skype for iPad. Thanks to someone who actually did a screen recording of the video. Now, we have the video of Skype on iPad. Plus, CNET managed to hands on the software and mentions Tuesday as the release date.

Here is the official video that was being pulled down. Don’t try turning up the volume. It has no audio.

As I mentioned, CNET managed to get a hands on on the Skype for iPad version. It seems to be a competitor for FaceTime.

Although Skype for iPad will work on both iPad versions, you’ll only be able to broadcast video from the iPad 2, since it has a front-facing camera. You can still receive video on an original iPad. Skype for iPad will work on both Wi-Fi and 3G, but it was quick to point out that video quality might take a hit on slower 3G connections, and we were quick to verify that Skype quality is often subpar over 3G.

And for the availability, this is what CNET mentions: –

Skype expects Apple to approve Skype for iPad on Tuesday.

So, lets keep our finger crossed that Apple is “kind hearted” enough to release it for the masses. BTW, it works on iPad and iPad 2.

Click Here for the Review of Skype for iPad from CNET



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