Samsung Galaxy S II and its Accessories (Video)

This is my second encounter with Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS II). The first time was in March during the Samsung Forum 2011. Not much has changed except that it has a more powerful processor (1.2 GHz Dual Core).

You can check out my first encounter here. I will spend more time to talk about the partners with Samsung and its SGS II. Here are the key points on SGS II.

As I mentioned earlier, the processor is now a 1.2 GHz Dual Core. We now know that it will be available in June 2011 but will NOT be on sale during the PC Show, according to Samsung. However, Samsung Galaxy S II will still appear in the PC Show for everyone to see.

I must say that I am super impressed with the Super AMOLED Plus. Look at these pictures taken under bright light. The screen looks gorgeous.

Close up.

During the event, Samsung announced the upcoming Game Hub. Not much details yet but I am sure it will be interesting.

And Samsung has added new features into SGS II, like Live Panels, .SRT support for subtitle on video and etc.

We were told to check out this site.

Looks like a site for you to manage your devices.

Samsung has also partnered with a few companies. One of them is Citibank and according to Samsung, it is a very exclusive deal.

One of the questions by one reader is whether NFC is incorporated into the phone or not. At first, my answer is a NO as it was not mentioned. However, after looking at the Press Release and information provided to me, I have second thoughts. Here is why.

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EZ-Link is one of the partners with Samsung. It mentions that EZ-Link app “promises attractive and exclusive offers under the function “EZ Deals”.. ” and in one last part of the paragraph, it states “In time to come, another useful feature is that cardholders will be able to check the transaction history of their EZ-link cards up to 10 transactions, for the preceding five days…”

It makes me wonder how they are able to check the history. Could it be NFC? Or could it be just keying in some unique digits on the EZ-Link cards? I have no answer now but I do hope it is NFC.

Basically, there is no change on the phone. You still get the 8-megapixel camera.

I like the texture on the back of the phone.

The unit that we are playing comes with Gingerbread 2.3.3

Here is a nice shot of some bloggers at work. This is how we get the shots for our blog posts 🙂 .

And as the title mentions, lets take a look at the accessories for Samsung Galaxy S II.


The Desktop Dock.

The leather pouch.

HMDI cable and USB Connector.

Battery charger cradle.

Samsung has set up a rack of Belkin accessories.

Here is one of the phone cover for SGS II.

That is all I have on Samsung Galaxy S II. A short video before signing off.