M1 says “We are Sorry”, One Day Free Call

M1 issues a Press Statement to say that they are sorry for the outage and will provide a day free call on 25th May 2011. Details after the break.

M1 says “We are Sorry”

SINGAPORE, 24 May 2011 – Due to an unexpected technical failure on a card in one of our many customer management servers, a small percentage of our customers were not able to connect to our network on 18 May 2011. In view of this incident, M1 today advises that all our customers will enjoy one day of free local mobile calls, SMS and MMS, on 25 May, Wednesday.

This will commence from 00:00 hours to 23:59 hours of 25 May 2011.

The free calls, SMS and MMS will not be deducted from the free minutes and messages included in our customers’ existing mobile service plans.

We are sincerely sorry and would like to thank our supportive customers for their understanding. Our customers’ experience is of key importance and we will continue to improve the robustness of our network.