Singtel iPad 2 Launch Event at Marina Bay Sands – Video Within

The Singtel iPad 2 Launch event was held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) from 10am. It is the same area as iPhone 4 was launch. The launch is quite a major event, consider that consumers already had a headstart with the purchase of iPad 2.

Singtel is the first Telco to deliver iPad 2 to the consumers with Data Plan. Previously, for iPad (version 1), there is only data plan but without the device itself. This time round, Singtel is providing quite attractive package for the consumers.

Here is where the queue starts.

This time, I think Singtel has done a good job to keep the customers happy. First, the staggered appointment timing. Second, the air conditioned venue. Thirdly, a system is in place to ensure smooth flow of traffic and lastly, entertainment (live performance, hands on experience and accessories booth) for those who are waiting for their number.

The first 5 in the queue

The first stop is the validation centre.

The validation process.

Next, they will proceed to main hall.

Some pics of the big hall.

There areas for people to try on the iPad 2. It is interesting to see that older generation are getting the iPad 2.

You can also to buy accessories first.

I did a short video to show you how the place looks like.

Just before the actual event launch, managed to get a few pictures of Singtel executives.

Finally, our compere came out to warm the crowd.

Starting by asking questions on iPad 2.

Winners will get the limited edition Singtel iPad 2 t-shirt.

And the launch event starts.

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They are supposed to place their palm onto the iPad to initial an ID check, follow by the official launch.

The ID Check. Haha.


And the launch! A showcase of Singtel Delite App.

For those who are interested to see how this app looks like, here is a short video.

And here is how the magazine looks like on the iPad.

Apart from Singtel Delite app, there are also 3 other apps, InSing, My Singtel, ILoveDeals (of course, there is AMPed).

I guess MySingtel will be useful for customers. You can check your accounts from your iPad.

Ok, back to the event. The counter started counting. People started walking towards the 60 counters.

Checking her iPad 2

And her smile after getting it.

Some are very serious.

While others are asking waiting patiently at the counters.

It seems like there is a promo for Singtel-OUB platinum card.

While the rest are waiting, there are live performance.

I believe she is called iDeeJay

She is using 2 iPads to control the music.

Another performance – FunkeeMunkies Band

And here is the first 5 in the queue. They had gotten their iPad 2s.

And of course the star of this event, iPad 2 with its amazing Smart Cover.

I think everybody should get this Smart Cover. Very sleek and functional. Watch this video.

That comes to an end to this event report. Thanks for those who had read till this line. Have a nice weekend. Remember to follow me on Twitter or Facebook 🙂 .