Will You Buy a Google Chromebook?

Will you buy a Chromebook? That is a question when more Chromebooks hit the market.

Since my last visit to Google HQ (in Singapore) for the Chrome OS event (January 2010), it has evolved a lot. We saw the first developer Chromebook CR48 in December 2010. And now, Samsung and Acer has joined in to introduce two new models of Chromebook.

Now, in 2011, we are beginning to feel how Google wanted its Chromebook to be. It first started with Chrome browser, which over the years, has garner millions of users (me included). And with the introduction of Chrome Web Store and its vast application (and also today, the introduction of Angry Birds 🙂 ), and the indispensable Gmail, many have been “trained” by Google to accept its products.

Finally, today at Google I/O, Google has announced the Chromebook and its availability (plus availability to Businesses at US$28 and Schools for US$20 without any upfront payment) from 15th June 2011.

Click Here to Chromebook Site

Many will be scratching their head now as to “What is Chromebook?” I don’t think I can explain well. Here is a video to show what Chromebook is all about.


Here are the features that Google wants you to know.

  • Instant web – no software installed, booting up is fast
  • Always connected* – if you have fast 3G or 4G
  • Same experience everywhere – It is aka cloud computing. Everything is in the Web
  • Amazing web apps – Chrome Web Store
  • Friends let friends log in – Can configure to multiple users with Google account
  • Forever fresh – Google is forever updating the OS via the Internet. Therefore, always fresh.
  • Security built in – Good for businesses.
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A lot of comments are saying that such features are good if there are internet connections. I guess Google heard it and they are announcing a lot of features that can run in offline mode.


Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs and Angry Birds in offline mode.

So, will you buy a Chromebook? My worry is that it is still using Internet heavily and it could be a nightmare for people who travel. Imagine the data roaming fees..

Let’s discuss. Will you buy one?