Kinect Sensor and Augmented Reality Fitting Room at TopShop – Video Within

Marry Microsoft Kinect Sensor and AR Door’s Augmented Reality at Fashion Retail, Topshop, you get yourself a virtual fitting room that allows you to use gestures to “change” clothes.

BTW, this happens in Moscow. I guess the concept is cool. Thanks to the Kinect Sensor, it is able to determine the shape of the user and superimpose the clothing properly.

With the Kinect sensor, users/shoppers can use simple gestures to change the clothes. Of course, this is the proof of concept. Here are some information from AR Door.

Virtual Fitting Room for Topshop

AR Door, a Russian agency specialized in Augmented Reality solutions, teamed up with Topshop, a woman and man clothes retailer, to create a virtual fitting room for a new collection of dresses Dress up.

A special kiosk for the fitting room was installed at the flagman Topshop store in Moscow at the shopping centre European, 5-8 May 2011.

The virtual fitting room is built on the most sophisticated technologies: augmented reality and Microsoft Kinect. Augmented reality allows the customers to select a garment off the rack without having to try it on physically.  As a customer, you see yourself onscreen with a 3D copy of a dress. Kinect allows the user to control the program by simple gestures pushing virtual buttons right in the air.

To activate the program you don’t need special markers: the built-in camera tracks a person’s body and superimposes over it a 3D model of the dress.

A unique feature that allows the customers to watch both the front and the back parts of the dress was deployed in the Topshop fitting room for the first time in the world practice.

Here is the video

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