Windows Phone 7 Features Update and 24th May Event

As this information comes in within 24hrs of each other, I will consolidate both into one blog post. Earlier, in a podcast from Microsoft Windows Phone Dev, there are many new goodies on Windows Phone 7.

First, lets talk about the event (btw, event is in US, not in Singapore. Sorry if I mislead anyone). It seems that it will focus on Mango OS update. And Engadget has note that it is missing the “7” on the invitation. Could that means Mango update will change the OS to 7.5 or something else? Anyway, we have to wait almost until the end of this month to know about it.

However, a recent podcast by the Windows Phone Dev blog might have an insight on what to expect on the 24th May. In their podcast, they mentioned that there had been a series of pictures that suggested new innovations on the Windows Phone 7. These information were unheard of.

Here are some of them.

  • Bing Audio
  • Bing Vision
  • Voice
  • Bing Maps with Navigation
  • Podcast on Marketplace
  • Voice to Text Messaging

Bing Audio

– aka Shaazam app that listen for the music to identify it.


No Results

Bing Vision

– in my own words, I think this is aka Goggles from Android. And according to the information, it may have OCR or even Augmented Reality.


– I guess it means you can search via voice input.

Bing Maps with Navigation

– It seems that future Bing maps will have navigation feature. And based on the picture below, it looks quite authentic.

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Podcast on Marketplace

– future Marketplace may allow users to search for Podcast.

And after the search, you can subscribe to the podcast

Also, another image shows something like a video podcast. If this is true, it will be nice.

Voice to Text Messaging

– voice to text messaging might come to Windows Phone 7

I suggest that you check out the Podcast (listen from 40 minutes onwards about Windows Phone 7).

Click Here to Windows Phone Dev Podcast

My current gross with Windows Phone 7 is the slow update and the lack of Multi-tasking feature. I think Microsoft has done well so far as to define the WP7 OS properly but the pace that they are at might erode the confidence of supporter like me and also the interest of the rest.

A recent conversation with my techie friends has further proven that the interest on WP7 devices is waning at a fast rate. Come on, Microsoft, release the Mango update faster. We are OK for some flaws and future patches to improve the OS.