Liveshare App, Your New Way to Share Photos – Video Within

Today, I downloaded an app, Liveshare, by Cooliris. I think it will become a hot app. One of the features is to allow people to share pictures amongst friends. Currently, it is connected with Facebook and you can share your pictures with a group of friends.

This app is currently available for Windows Phone 7, iPhone and Android. I find that there are more functions on the iPhone app. Nevertheless, the basic functions are there.

Here is a video on how it works.


I love the idea of sharing a single Stream where all your friends can start uploading pics to the Liveshare and others can see immediately. This will allow a group of firends (say, maybe on the same event or trip) to separately take pictures but appear on one single streams. You do not need to go to any other place to see these pics.

For example, you can create a Stream with a group name and start adding friends to it. For some of my FB friends, yes, I have addeed you guys inside my “My Phone Pics” which I collected pictures taken with my mobile phone.

If you wish, you may upload it to Public Streams where everyone can see.

However, I do not know how to make a public Stream. Nevertheless, there are already a few that you can follow or upload your pics or comment on them.

I guess there are endless way you can play with this app. On their blog, they are showing off the next generation of Liveshare which is even more awesome. Check out the video.

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