Google Earth Optimized for Android Honeycomb Tablets, Business Photos Coming

If you think that Google Android Honeycomb app is very limited now, you are not alone. It seems that not many developers are into making apps that is tablet optimized. Now, Google has done its first little step to enhance its Google Earth to be tablet friendly.

With the optimized Google Earth, you can expect to see more textured 3D graphics or in other words, more realistic.

Click Here to read from Google blog post

On top of that, the Android Honeycomb version will have a “action bar” on the top for you to make options on layer and etc.

Click Here to Google Earth on Android Market

And from Engadget’s blog, it is saying that Google will implement Business Photos on Google Maps (Places) from next week.

I wonder if Singapore is getting it or not. Nevertheless, here is a nice video to show you what Business Photos is.


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