A Tour of Microsoft’s Home of the Future – Video Within

Want to know what is information overload? Have a tour on Microsoft’s home of the future. It is a restricted area for the public but Channel 9 had an exclusive tour on it.

If you think you are already overloaded with information, watch this video. In the future home, you can charge your handphone, wrist watch just be placing them on a tray (induction charging) and in this tray, you can extract information of yourself from the wrist watch. The wrist watch is actually collecting data of you. Your health and etc.

Next, a simple TV becomes more complicated with multiple streams of information coming into the screen. The room used to be a resting place. With technology, it means that you will be bombarded with information even when you are on the bed. The wall becomes the multi-media information centre.

Do you want these to be in your future home?


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