Review of IPEVO P2V USB Camera – Video Within

When Version 2 Singapore contacted me in February about IPEVO Point 2 View USB camera, it immediate caught my eyes. I requested a review set to try out. I actually wanted to post the review much earlier. However, I wanted to give something back to the readers (you!). That is why, I requested a discount for the readers. Just as everything was set, I received the information that stock had run out. Therefore, I waited till today to post this review when the stock came in.

So, what is so special about IPEVO P2V USB camera? As the name suggested, it is an USB camera as you can see in the above picture. The camera is 2Megapixel with macro function.

However, it is designed in a way that allows you to use it more than just a USB camera. IPEVO P2V USB camera has a few things that normal webcam do not have.

  • Focus Button
  • Camera Button
  • Autofocus slider switch
  • Visualizer
  • Good Macro Function
  • Others

Focus Button

This is particularly useful when you the object is OOF (out of focus).

Camera Button

Not much to discuss. Common in many webcams. When depressed (with P2V software running), it will capture an image.

Autofocus Slider Switch

You can switch to continuous focus or single focus. It will be useful when you use it as a visualizer.


A visualizer is like an overhead projector. The P2V USB camera comes with a stand that allows you to emulate a visualizer (as shown below). The stand can be adjusted to different angle to suit different situation. That is why, this device is popular among the educators and schools.

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Here is a video that I took when it is mounted on the stand. Do note that the lighting is not fantastic.

Macro Function

And one of the features of this Point 2 View camera is its macro function. It can take quite nice macro pictures. To take a picture, you can use the P2V software provided.

Here are 2 samples (in room lighting).

And this is after 3x magnification (digital zoom) using the software.


This camera comes with a super long cable. With its pen-like shape, you can point this camera at That means that once connected, you can move the camera around for macro shots and etc.

It has a green light to indicate power and a red light to indicate the webcam is turned on.

And because it is a webcam, you can use your favorite social software like Skype, MSN to show someone your new design or etc. The P2V camera comes with 2 fixtures. One is the stand with a 3 point fixtures and the other is a clip that you can use on a laptop or LCD screen as a webcam.

The fixture has groves so that when the camera is inserted, it will not move left or right.

The software provided is specifically for camera capture only.Installing the software is super easy.

It has a few settings as shown below.

For capturing video, you can use any webcam software. I am using Youcam provided by my laptop.


This IPEVO Point 2 View is NOT a new product. It has been in the States for some time already. Many may argue that their webcam can also perform the same function. However, from my observation, current webcams in the market are not versatile for the usage described above.

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To put it to perspective, the P2V camera is built with the special features in mind from day one. If you just need a webcam, this may not be for you.

Who will use it?

  • If you think you can have a unique webcam that can help you to project information onto the screen without expensive visualizers, this product might be for you.
  • If you are someone that need to show your counterparts new products or design over the Internet, this special pen shape webcam might be just right for you. With its long cable, you can setup a demo area where it can be used to move around it to show your work.


  • Long cable for that extra length.
  • Nice shape for easy grip
  • Macro is good
  • Autofocus is quite fast for normal usage


  • In low light, when you move the camera too fast, there will be jelly like effect. This is due to the sensor used and it is not meant for users to move around at fast speed.
  • The Red and Green light can be a distraction when you go near an object.

Special Offer

As mentioned earlier, I have talked to Version 2 Singapore. They are providing 20% discount for TechieLobang readers. All you have to do is to key in this discount code (Key lobang20 when you checkout).

However, it is for a limited period only (from now till 30th April 2011).  Local will enjoy free 24-hour courier delivery, while overseas orders will go by weight.

BTW, they have bundle the set with a nice looking case.

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If you want to buy the P2V camera only, click the below link.

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Click Here for IPEVO p2V Carry Case (before discount: S$29.90)

Here is a video on what you can expect from the package (Note: carry case is not shown on the video)