HTC Incredible S Review – Hardware – Video Within

Thanks to HTC, I am able to get hold of HTC Incredible S to review it. After some thoughts, I decided to break down the review with Hardware only and then the software portion. So, for now, the hardware.

The moment you touch the phone, it feels solid. I guess it is because there are no loose parts and everything is seamlessly sealed. Of course, the weight itself plays a part. I wish it could be lighter. BTW, it has a 4-inch screen.

It has a protruded portion at the back. I give the perception that the phone is slimmer. Here is a closer look at the rear camera.

Lets take a look at the other sides of the HTC Incredible S.

Here is a look with the back cover removed.

A look of the back without the battery.

A close up of the SIM card slot.

I was quite surprise the back cover is quite flimsy given that the build of this phone is solid.

If you notice, there are some copper connection points on the cover.

At first, I thought it was linked to some sensors. I did a test by removing the cover when it is powered up. The phone did not shut down or cause any differences (my opinion). So, I guess these points are just antennas to boost the reception.

Here is a look at the battery.

It has a capacity of 1450 mAh.

And here is the card slot.

Another view.

Basically, the phone is well built. Some of the good things from other phone has been ported to this phone. For example, the translucent material now becomes a norm on HTC phone. The MicroSD card slot is not underneath the battery (of course, this should be the basic).

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Stay tune for the OS walk through. Here is a video on HTC Incredible S hardware.

Click Here to HTC Incredible S website