Post Travel Picture, Like Them, Win Travel Vouchers

Here is your chance to win Travel vouchers of up to S$2000 by posting your travel pics on Live IT! Facebook page. On the side note (which I think is important), this contest is organised by NCS Portal City to promote the use of eRegister by MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore). More information after the break.

For the contest, it is simple. Post your travel picture on Live IT! Facebook Wall. Get the most “likes” on your picture and the highest number of “likes” after the contest ends will win the travel vouchers. Simple?

Click Here to Check Out the Contest Page

Be sure to check the Travelwise tab.

Next, on the eRegister by MFA. I think it is important nowadays to keep someone updated on our whereabouts when we are overseas. This is where eRegister comes in. Here is an excerpt from the website.

What is the eRegister?

The MFA eRegister system is a voluntary and free service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to all Singapore citizens who travel or reside overseas. Regardless of whether you are travelling abroad for study, work or leisure, the eRegister system allows you to record information about your travel itinerary abroad. The information you provide will allow MFA and our Embassies or Consulates to contact and render assistance to you during an emergency or crisis (eg natural disasters, civil unrest, etc).

For the eRegister system to be effective, we encourage you to eRegister at least three days before your intended date of your confirmed travel.

I did not know that we have this service. Now, with so many unrest in so many countries, it is good to keep MFA updated so that when we need help, they have the details.

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Click Here to Checkout eRegister by MFA