Yahoo! Top 5 Valentine’s Search Trend

Today is Valentine’s day. So, do you know what are the top searches for Valentine related keywords? Yahoo! has listed down top 5 of them.

In The Search of Love: Singapore’s Top Searches For Valentine’s

SINGAPORE, 11 FEBRUARY, 2011 – Love is in the air and Yahoo! Search Trends reveals that Singaporeans are true romantics at heart. Fully geared to celebrate the romantic day, Singaporeans are looking out for gifts, cosy hang outs for dinner and mushy e-cards to celebrate the day with their loved ones.

Findings from Yahoo! Search Trends reveals that Singaporeans got on to the web mostly in search of love ideas. Be it for gifts or dinner, innovative Valentine’s ideas were what they explored. The focus was on recipes, menu and dinner party ideas highlighting the want for a personal touch, as much as finding an easy romantic venue for dinner.
Yahoo! Search Trends top Valentine’s searches are:

  1. Gifts
  2. Valentine?s Day meaning
  3. Dinner promotions
  4. Valentine e-cards
  5. Poems

While pampering their loved ones with gifts and candle light dinners are the call of the season, it was remarkable to note some fascinating trends for Valentine’s this year. Apart from Singaporeans being curious to find out the origins of Valentine’s Day, they sought love in various ways- both for fun and seriously! There were a lot of searches on dating sites, crafty love SMSes and fun online applications like love calculators to fulfill their young Valentine mood for love.

“Searches on Valentine’s gift ideas and dinners started as early as the beginning of January. This season we’ve seen a lot of searches for gift ideas and Yahoo! Search is showing results for gift ideas for husbands, girlfriends and teens. Contrary to obvious expectations, searches on shopping sites for men outnumbered searches for the women. Another interesting observation was that though it is the season of love, Yahoo! Search Trends data revealed that Singaporeans are not only searching for the obvious romantic poems but also sad poems on lost love and heartbreak,” said Zul Rejab, Editorial Manager, Search Content Analysis.

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As expected Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without searches on flowers, chocolates, love quotes and cards. However, last year Valentine?s searches were more quirky than this year as searches on funny verses and movies ranked amongst the top searches. Interestingly, ranking among the top Yahoo! searches in 2010 was ‘my boyfriend doesn’t know what to buy for me on Valentine’s Day’.