Singapore Army Skyblade III Mini UAV – Video Within

Singapore Army has introduced a new toy to the scouts platoon. It is the Skyblade III mini UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Although it is not new, it is my first time to see how it was launched.

It can lift off using a “rubber band” launcher and the best part is how it lands. The power actually cut off and it cushions itself by an airbag. You see, now you don’t need a long runway to land it.

Another thing is the controller. It actually looks like a laptop with joystick and buttons. The operator seems to be playing a simulator game with it. As the range is 8km, the operator could be well hidden (or far away from the target area) and yet able to see the full view. It is NOT meant for any action. It is use for recon purposes.

Watch this video.


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