Icon7 Twister Evolution Presenter Laser Mouse Review – Video Within

I guess this is my longest review for a product. I bought this Icon7 Twister Evolution laser mouse many months ago. It was tucked in a small corner of a computer fair but it managed to catch my eyes.

On the outside, it looks like an ordinary mouse. Don’t be fooled that it does not have a scroll key. Notice the black button at the center. It is a touch sensitive scroll key.

However, when you turn it over, you can see some other buttons.

And the fun begins when you twist it.

It immediately turns itself into a presenter.

And you can see that it is now flat. The other side that has the mouse buttons cannot be used in this mode.

Of course, when doing presentation, it is good to have a laser pointer. Yes, it is incorporated into it.

That is not all. The battery is built in and it has a unique way to charge. This is the dongle that comes with it. Not the small nano dongle that you see but it has a purpose.

Twist the Twister Mouse to the flat position. Plug it into the receiver dongle and you are now charging the Twister mouse.

On close inspection, you will notice that the dongle has charging contacts which enable it to charge the mouse.

And if you install the program that comes with it, you can monitor the battery level and also configure the keys to your liking.

I made a simple video to show you how it works.

It costs S$99 when I bought it many months ago. I met up with Icon7 representatives after that and I was told that it would be sold at Challenger (or already selling – I did not check). Here is their website.

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Click Here to Icon7 Twister Evolution Website

Here is the specs of the Twister Evolution.


This is NOT a cheap mouse. However, if you can combine both functions (mouse and presenter) together, there is a price to pay. The battery life is extremely good. I rarely charge it. Normally, you can leave it to charge during lunch time and it will ready very fast. The battery life can easily last you more than a month on average usage.

However, if you compare with those mouse from expensive brands, the smoothness can be improved. For me, this is good enough. I hope that they can improve on the laser pointer as it is a tad weak. However, I do know that if it is powerful, battery life will be compromised (or price will increase). Nevertheless, the ease of charging and the combination of mouse and presenter easily offset the small issues. The Flythrough scrolling is a nice touch too.