junaio using Augmented Reality on Coke Zero Print Advertising – Video Within

Sausalitos and Coke Zero in Germany has launched an Augment Reality advertising campaign with junaio. The biggest feature in this AR print advertising is that it recognizes the print image (not just code) and call up the digital information. It also has the technology to ensure that the sizing are being track and the content overlay the image correctly. I can imagine what advertiser can do with such technology. Watch the video and Press Release after the break.

junaio and Augmented Reality to Revolutionize Print Advertising

Munich, November 15th, 2010 – Sausalitos together with Coke zero of Germany just launched their Augmented Reality campaign on junaio this week. Traditional advertising is losing traction and people often pay little attention to commercial messages found in newspapers and magazines. Now, the much talked about Augmented Reality (AR) technology as available within the smartphone AR browser junaio may change all that. junaio`s highly sophisticated image recognition and object tracking capabilities make it possible to recognize a print ad and call up additional digital content to delight the viewer and draw renewed attention to a sponsor`s message.

Please find a video about the augmented reality ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTeJW3IDrI0

Until now smartphone users can check out distance and directions to the nearest Sausalitos bar & restaurant location and get relevant information as to Happy Hour times and specials offered with the “SAUSALITOS FINDER” channel within junaio, What`s new and more, the SAUSALITOS MAG now features an ad, which when viewed through the “SAUSALITOS MAG” channel on junaio will provide an animation and a coupon for a free Coke Zero at any Sausalitos. Through the integration of classic print ads with virtual digital content, Sausalitos aims to provide not only informational content but also emotionally enhanced experiences and special offers leading to increased customer frequency in their establishments.

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The technology behind it

junaio is capable of recognizing images as seen through the camera. This works not only on print ads, but also on billboards, product packaging, flyers, coupons or any other predetermined image. Once recognized junaio will fetch via internet any available multimedia content and overlay it dynamically onto the camera view. Not only will junaio recognize an object on the image, but is then capable of virtually “gluing” for example a 3D model onto the object in the right proportion and scale. As you move the camera, so the 3D model will follow accordingly. Of course other types of digital augmentation may be triggered by the ad as well, such as an engaging game, an opportunity to integrate response elements like coupons or any other interactive exchange with the viewer. Mobile AR technology allows combining different media, making the borders between print and digital become permeable, just like it is already on the internet.

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About junaio

junaio is the world`s most advanced mobile Augmented Reality Browser and growing daily with interesting content relevant to a viewer`s location or triggered through images and objects the camera is pointing at. The unmatched ease of use, great choice of content and superior features make junaio everybody`s daily companion, an instant source of information about places, events, bargains or objects in the world around us. Features are:  location based services using onboard GPS and compass, highly accurate positioning, even inside buildings or exhibition sites, object recognition and natural feature tracking useful for scaling and integrating graphic overlays or 3D models into the real world. Two-way interaction between the user and the displayed AR overlays for gaming and other virtual experiences. And of course the full range of multimedia displays, including text, image, sound, video.

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junaio was created by metaio GmbH, the worldwide leader in Augmented Reality.